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Do you feel like you’ve been failed by other physiotherapists, chiropractors, methods or traditional approaches? We hear you! By utilizing various techniques and assessments to target the root causes of your injuries and movement deficit, we will help you get back to your best!

Individualized Assessment

No muscle is tight because its tight, there is a bigger picture behind it. Smashing it alone won’t bring much permanent changes.

Restore Proper Breathing Mechanics

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you feel out of breath after doing a simple activity? Come and get assessed for your breathing capability and capacity. Believe it or not , most people are breathing in too much! We use techniques from Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) to help you restore proper breathing mechanics.

Manual Therapy

Using various hands-on techniques such as Functional Range Release and Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques to treat various issues.

Other Speciality: Neuromuscular Trigger point, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy

Restore Proper Movement Mechanics

Clean up your movement deficits with our objective assessment protocol to restore Range of Motion to improve your sporting activities or simply improve your daily movement.

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There is no minimum or maximum age requirement. However we would encourage that the parents of clients, who is aged 18 years old and under, to accompany their child during the registration and orientation.

We will collect full upfront payment via credit/ debit cards, cash and bank transfer. Our payment system is powered by First Date payment gateway. Therefore, you can rest assure that your card details are safely secured and it will not be disclosed to us in any form.

Please check with your doctor or gynaecologist beforehand.

You will feel immediate relief with just one session. However, please note that chronic issues or injuries will require regular session of at least once a month or once every two weeks.

For males, please ensure that you bring a pair of shorts. For Females, please wear short exercise tights if you have one and a sports bra. If you do not have exercise tights, you can wear any shorts instead.

John Doe

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Teck Kuan Tan

I've been attending personal training with Glenn Ang from Raw Active since last year March 2019, however, I haven't been really following my sessions with Glenn. But he never fails to remind me on staying fit and always giving me pro tips on how to maintain my fitness. After a year, I've finally kickstarted my PT with Glenn again and this time, full throttle! However, when COVID-19 struck, we couldn't continue, which was sad. Hence, I started to do HIIT. What Glenn proposed next was really helpful, he suggested to have a recovery ZOOM session with me to help me recover from the HIIT trainings. Thank you Glenn for helping me restart my fitness journey!

Tina Tan

My very first fitness lesson via Zoom, and it's with RAW !!!It was fun, and the kids enjoyed too !Definitely worth sharing with friends to come join the fitness with RAW, where the lesson are conducted in smaller size.Thanks RAW for keeping the videos active in FB, and make us wanting to do more lesson !

Wr Cheng

Glenn is a professional and patient coach. So I am very happy to train with him. He knows and patiently guides and also teaches me how to train at home. Recommend Glenn to everyone.

Tom Reed

Exercise should be as natural as breathing. Finding new ways to exercise and have fun together with other people.

Sherry Lin

Glenn is very professional and enthusiastic so its a pleasure to train with him. The first training was very difficult for me as it was my first time with a personal trainer but he was very understanding and patient teaching me how to train at home. Now I am more confident and comfortable with the training although it is still tough! Highly recommend Glenn to all.

Christy Chiang

Glenn is a very professional trainer, I just started working out these years but the the training courses he gave me is very acceptable and effective! And he is very inspired PT who can really encourage the trainee to do his or her best! Highly recommended!

Kathy Lin

Nice concept and professional coach make the work out fun and interesting! Most important is effective! Work out at RAW active make me healthier and stronger with Glenn’s professional guidance! Highly recommended to whose enjoy working out with friends !!

Anthony Wu

Glenn is a professional Coach that uses the latest fitness technology to bring you the unique gym experience.

Sybil Lee

Very professional and also friendly coach . I have been working out for more than 20 years and he would cater for individual need and make sure to push you to the best you can do . Highly recommended

Cammie Chua

Highly recommended. Been there, done that and loving my results~ Personal coaching are set according to your goals and results are awesome!Friendly, dedicated, responsible and motivating attitude.Your body will thank you for joining Raw Active.

Rosemary Andrea Lee

I simply love the concept of raw active,being a small gym that has the necessary equipments and the fact that the personal training sessions becomes more focussed.I highly recommend any friends or anybody out there who are planning to start any Personal Training Raw Active is the best place to start off with.

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