Inbody & Body Composition Analysis

Know Yourself Better with InBody at RAW Active SG

With Inbody Results, our personal trainers will be able to provide better assessment of your body composition. A better understanding of your body can better achieve a balanced ratio of fats and muscles in your body, as well as other goals for sport performance and weight loss.

InBody Test: Fast and Simple Solution.

The Inbody Test uses bioelectrical impedance analysis - a non-invasive electrical pulse to estimate body fat and muscles.
Unlike home-use models like Inbody Dial, RAW uses Inbody 120, a medical grade model that records the key components in 20 seconds.

The benefits are:

  1. Clients can have better understanding about their bodies
  2. training can be more effective and targets on specific goals
  3. Working with a positive body image.

How inbody scans works for body composition analysis

A small alternating current will travel through the body to record one’s body composition.  Your body composition can be estimated accurately based on various measurement methods. 

To know more how BIA and InBody technology work, find out from here.

Watch the video to understand how Inbody Test works.

How much does an inbody scan cost?

For RAW Members:

One free measurement for every 6 months
Additional InBody scan: $20 per scan.

For public:

$35 per InBody Scan


The detailed analysis from inbody scans provides accurate information that help trainers and users achieve goals like weight loss effectively.

Participants are encouraged to consult our trainer about diets and others to achieve their goals too.

Fortunately, RAW is offering this service to our current members and the public at the gym.

The charges are mentioned as above.