With so many 24/7 open gyms, and free online fitness videos readily avaliable, why are individuals still unable to reach their goals? And with some others, unable to achieve breakthrough for years?

We understand that it is not easy to balance fitness goals with stress and long-hours at work, family commitments, meeting with friends, daily temptations when friends post food images, and also set aside time for play and rest.


anti-gym is breakthrough.anti-gym is results focused.anti-gym is backed by our award-winning approach.anti-gym is our ever-evolving approach to reaching your goals.


anti-gym is breakthrough. anti-gym is backed by our award-winning approach. anti-gym is results focused. anti-gym is our ever evolving approach to reaching your goals.

What is in our anti-gym eco-system

RAW Small Group Training

(40 minutes each group)

RAW Personal Training

(60 minutes focused breakthrough)

RAW Sports therapy and rehab

The quality of trainers and the training regimes are suited to my own lifestyle and circumstances.

More personal, less intimidating!”
- Jia Ying

Extensive facilities, advanced equipments & regular review to keep track of my progress. Trainers are welcoming and able to conduct training sessions in mandarin!”
- Megan