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Be Stronger.
Be Leaner.
Be Healthier.

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Individual Personal Training

The Know-How. The Support. The Undivided Attention.

With the right personal trainer, you leave the impossible behind.
Set your goals and set your sights on results. Learn from our personal trainers on how you should activate and utilize right muscles group for each workout for maximized effects of your training efforts while minimizing sports injury.


★ Strength and Conditioning

★ Movement Training and Vitality

★ Sports Performance Training

★ Weight Loss and Fat Loss

★ Exercise Rehabilitation

fitness coach services

Group Personal Training

Be Inspired. Be Ignited.

Created and developed by the industry's best minds and taught by elite coaches, RAW Small Group Fitness Training is created on-demand. Be ready to move better and move more. Our high-intensity workout sessions will energize you, will challenge you, and expose you to new training approaches, driving your performance to achieve more.


★ RAW H.I.I.T  - Functional Fat Loss Workout

★ RAW Strength - Functional Strength Training

★ Power Plate: Burn  - Incinerate Fat and Train the Heart

★ Power Plate: Strong - Strength Training and Toning


Raw Active Personal Training

Group Exercise

Scientific Optimised &
Carefully planned workouts

With an emphasis on Applied Functional Science, workouts are planned to optimize muscles' functions while increasing intensity for achieving goals.

Personal Trainer in Singapre

Innovative Gym Experience &
High-Tech Equipment

For the best customer experience, we utilize high-tech equipment, such as InBody Body Composition Analysis, Power Plate, to accelerate progress.

Best Personal Trainer in Asia Awards 2018

Fitness Instructor

Glenn, the founder of RAW Active, is the only one in Asia who has won 2 personal trainer awards at Asia Fitness Convention 2017 and Fitness Best Asia Award 2018.


They made it, so can you.

Trainee - Rosemary

Rosemary Andrea Lee

After training with him (Glenn) for 4 months, my weight dropped from 90kg to 82kg. By the 9th month I dropped from 82kg to 76kg. By the end of the year 2014 I was weighing 73kg. My body felt lighter. I am more confident and I could sleep better as the blood circulation has improved. And my medical condition improved tremendously too, my doctor even reduced my medication dosage.


Glenn even introduced me some back exercise to help strengthen my back. His training techniques and fitness knowledge is really amazing.I have been trained by a few trainers. But only 1 trainer succeeded in helping me achieve my fitness goals and made me re think how I wanted my life to be, that is my personal  trainer, Glenn. Because he believed in me and never gave up on me, even on days when I never performed well or was slacking in my training session he will constantly encourage me and “push” me beyond the limit. For him, personal training is not a business deal. But he will go way and beyond his job to make sure that you are always in pink of health and should you have any fitness questions he is always ready to answer them and he will really offer you valuable advice.

Teresa Tong

Teresa Tong

Glenn is a gem in the Singapore fitness industry: extremely knowledgeable, passionate, humble guy who truly gives 200% to his client without taking any compromise. 

It doesn't take long to realize that Glenn is an extremely passionate person and one of the most knowledgeable personal trainer in Singapore. When it comes to his own fitness education and his client's welfare, he left no stone unturn, ensuring that his knowledge are the most accurate, safest and backed by the latest science. Despite having one of the strongest portfolio of fitness credentials in Singapore, he is always expanding his training repertoire with gusto with courses and workshops offered by the top functional movement institutes and sports science institutes in the world. 

Given the size of his gym, Raw Active, it is packed with some of of the most effective tools and machine known in the market. As long as it is beneficial for his client, he is willing to invest and source the best tools for his client's performance maximization. 

Christy Chiang

Christy Chiang

Glenn is a very professional trainer, I just started working out these years but the the training courses he gave me is very acceptable and effective! And he is very inspired PT who can really encourage the trainee to do his or her best! Highly recommended!

Riesal Idries

Riesal Idries

Glenn Ang is one of the MOST knowledgable trainers in strength & functional training in Asia Pacific. While other trainers deliver a typical, boring kind of PT sessions with their clients, Glenn offers an up-to-date exercise regime based on the latest development in the global fitness industry. Glenn is very professional in his training instruction delivery. Expect GREAT results with RAW Active!

Rita wu

Rita Wu

Glenn is very professional. I started to workout at his gym since my baby was 8 months old in order to get fit. With his help, I did it! Strongly recommend all the mommies who want to achieve the perfect figure, get Glenn’s help, you will make it!

Ryan chua

Ryan Chua

Having known Glenn as a colleague and fellow Powerlifting competitor for 3 years I have personally benefited from his methodology and training philosophy which has enabled me to regain some of my deadlift strength and move pain free. Would highly recommend Glenn if you are serious about achieving better quality of life.

Sherry Lin

Sherry Lin

Glenn is very professional and enthusiastic so its a pleasure to train with him. The first training was very difficult for me as it was my first time with a personal trainer but he was very understanding and patient teaching me how to train at home. Now I am more confident and comfortable with the training although it is still tough! Highly recommend Glenn to all.

WR Cheng with a wine glass

WR Cheng

Glenn is a professional and patient coach. So I am very happy to train with him. He knows and patiently guides and also teaches me how to train at home. Recommend Glenn to everyone.


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